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Prospective students should be aware of the fact that my courses are challenging and require a lot of time and effort on the part of the students. If you are looking for an easy course to take based on the information found on RateMyProfessors.com or similar sites, you would be well advised to consider other options. Because prospective composition majors are required to take both MUCP 1180 and 1190, students in this degree program are expected to be up to the challenge of these courses in order to remain in the program. Those who do not have the drive, discipline, nor the dedication to learn all they can about contemporary music composition are advised to pursue another major.

Beginning Composition I-II (MUCP 1180-90) and Class Composition I-II (MUCP 3080-90) are offered each fall and spring semesters, MWF 11:00-11:50 pm. MUCP 1180 and 1190 are required for all composition majors; MUCP 3090 (which meets concurrently with MUCP 1190) is required of theory and jazz arranging majors. Further information about these courses may be found on the main page of each course site.

The Music of Frank Zappa (MUGC 4890/5890) has been offered in the summer sessions annually from 2001-2007, and is now offered every three years (spring 2009, 2012, 2015). This 3-credit course may be used to fulfill an MUCP elective requirement for undergraduate composition majors, as well as upper division elective credits for other undergraduate majors (including BA students). Graduate students should consult their area advisors to determine how this course may be applied to specific degree plans.

Composition lessons: Due to my heavy administrative load, I am able to accept only doctoral students (MUCP 6190, MUGC 6950), master's thesis students (MUGC 5950), and those presenting senior composition recitals (MUCP 4190) into my studio at this time. Students should consult the composition division website for detailed information regarding composition lessons, including expectations and grading criteria. 

Please refer to my current semester schedule if you need to contact me or would like to schedule a meeting.