Welcome to the website of Joseph Klein — Composer, Distinguished Teaching Professor, and Chair of the Division of Composition Studies at the University of North Texas College of Music.

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College of Music
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #311367
Denton, TX 76203-5017

office: MU 2005
phone: (940)565-4926
fax: (940)565-2002
e-mail: joseph.klein@unt.edu

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Recent Performances/Recordings:

Chain of Circumstances — video realization featuring Richard Shuster (piano) and Jordan Fuchs (dancer/choreographer); October 2020.

Der Saus und Braus, character study after Elias Canetti — recorded by pianist Redi Llupa, University of North Texas, 9 March 2019.

Against the gusts of blank repose, a threshold that persists — premiere performance by the UNT Symphony Orchestra (Clay Couturiaux, conductor), University of North Texas, 27 February 2019.

An Unaware Cosmos — premiere performance of complete cycle (featuring members of the International Contemporary Ensemble), University of North Texas, 26 October 2018.

Der Gottprotz, character study after Elias Canetti — premiere performance by organist S. Andrew Lloyd, University of North Texas, 26 October 2018.

Character Studies after Elias Canetti — James Madison University Contemporary Music Festival, 23 October 2018.

Concert of original works, celebrating the 2014 release of Improbable Encounters — University of North Texas, 18 March 2014.

Score Follower Videos:

Six modules from An Unaware Cosmos (2012-18) — recorded by the International Contemporary Ensemble, Southern Methodist University, 28 October 2018.

Die Schadhafte (2015) — recorded by cellist Madeleine Shapiro, University of North Texas, 20 September 2016.

Occam's Razor (1994-99) — recorded by the North Texas Chamber Players, University of North Texas, March 1999.


April 2018 interview with conductor Jayce Ogren on Frank Zappa's The Yellow Shark with Orchestra 2001.

September 2016 interview with Elizabeth McNutt on her blog site New Music Pioneer.

March 2014 interview with David MacDonald, Nate Bliton, and Patrick Gullo on SoundNotion TV.

October 2013 interview with Philip Blackburn for innova Recordings' "Alive and Composing" series.

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Recent Performances: