Complete Work Title: 


Performance Medium: 

jazz combo (minimum 3 horns and rhythm section)


variable (6:00+)

Date Composed: 

July 1982

Performance Information: 

The work consists of a graphic score with nine distinct images; performers freely interpret the images contained in the score according to the printed guidelines.

Additional Information: 
  • 10 January 2001; Dan's Bar (Denton, TX)

    Audrey Easley & Friends

  • 29 April 1998; University of North Texas (Denton, TX)
  • 21 March 1998; University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
  • 4 February 1998; Cedar Valley College (Dallas, TX)
  • 16 September 1997; Richland College (Dallas, TX)
  • 10 September 1997; Collin County Community College (Plano, TX)
  • 4 September 1997; Brookhaven College (Dallas, TX)
  • 13 July 1997; Dallas Public Library (Dallas, TX)
  • 2 July 1997; University of North Texas (Denton, TX)
  • 7 June 1997; Performing Arts Center (Tulsa, OK) — Living Arts of Tulsa New Genre Festival

    Nova Ensemble

  • 5 November 1982; California State Polytechnic University, Pomona [premiere]

    Cal Poly Tuesday Night Jazz Combo

Program Notes: 

Composed in 1982, Images for jazz combo is an improvisational work which allows performers freedom from the rhythmic, harmonic, and stylistic constraints of more traditional jazz idioms. The score is comprised of nine boxes, each of which contains a distinct image for improvisational impetus. Three of the boxes are played by the entire ensemble; each of the remaining boxes is interpreted by a different combination of instruments within the group (solo with drums; solo with bass; solo with bass and drums; bass and drums; drums solo; horns only). Players may follow any number of possible pathways through the nine boxes, as indicated in the score; the order of the various instrumental groupings and the duration of each event (and of the overall work) are determined by the ensemble.