Chain of Circumstances

Complete Work Title: 

Chain of Circumstances

Performance Medium: 

solo piano or piano four hands, with optional dancer and/or interactive computer music


variable (c.7:00-15:00)


To Richard Shuster and Jordan Fuchs

Date Composed: 

February-March 2020

Performance Information: 

This work may also be presented as a video realization featuring pianist Richard Shuster and dancer/choreographer Jordan Fuchs.

Additional Information: 

Performance/Broadcast History: 
  • 7 November 2020; Sonic Murals Festival, University of North Texas (Denton, TX) and live-streamed [premiere]

    Video realization featuring Richard Shuster, piano; Jordan Fuchs, dancer/choreographer.

Program Notes: 

Chain of Circumstances, for solo pianist or piano four hands (with optional solo dancer and/or interactive computer music), is one of a series of open-form compositions that have occupied my creative interest in recent years. As with the other related works, Chain of Circumstances explores aspects of recombinance, modularity, and non-linear musical structures. In this instance, the work is conceived as a series of disparate, distinctive, and relatively static musical states that provides an ever-changing sonic canvas, which the pianist(s) may alter at will. In performances that include solo dancer and/or electronics, the result is a kind of dynamic and unpredictable “feedback loop” between the various elements.

Chain of Circumstances was supported by a grant from Texas Woman’s University, and composed in February-March 2020 for pianist Richard Shuster and dancer/choreographer Jordan Fuchs.